Dublin, Guinness, Entertainment and Culture Rolled Into One

Ireland is a place of magnificence to visit with Dublin the central hub for nightlife and entertainment. There are a number of accommodation choices within the region which are suited to a variety of budgets and tastes. The nightlife within the city limits is vibrant and the entertainment on offer more than enough to keep the wild child within at bay. For those on a more cultural venture, the castles scattered around the country hold a wealth of tradition and history between there hallowed walls.

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Deer Park Hotel and Golf is situated in the quaint fishing town of Howth just north of Dublin City. The hotel is a mere 20 minutes from the airport and perfectly located to allow you access to every treasure held within the area. The hotel takes great pride in their offering of one of the largest golf complexes in Ireland.

Take some time out for a night of entertainment and gaming at any one of the world-renowned casinos is Dublin and the surrounding areas. While the country boasts 12 casinos, 7 can be found in the capital. All the classic games are on offer at all the casinos. Amusement city casino which has been in operation since 1975 is a classic style casino while the Sporting Emporium opened in 2005 is a more modern approach to entertainment.

Castles are not in short supply in Dublin and if you are after an exploring and learning expedition, they are certainly a good starting point. Ashtown Castle, Manderley Castle and Howth Castle are only a few of the choices on the menu.