All The Cheapest Spots To Try In Ireland Saving Your Extra Change

Related imageTravelling is definitely not cheap, it costs money, sometimes a whole lot of it. However, not everything that is fun and interesting to do while travelling has to cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, some of the most delightful places to visit are small little gems that cost next to nothing. This is especially true if you are visiting Ireland. This is a list of two of the cheapest activities to get involved in while adventuring through Ireland.

Laya Healthcare’s City Spectacular

The annual variety only finds itself holding a torch to the St Patrick’s festival in terms of size as well as popularity. The best part of this being the fact that it is completely Free. Hosted in both Merrion Square, Dublin and Fitzgerald Park, Cork this show is the place to be if you are on a budget, and even then. You can expect to see performers from all areas of the arts including an acrobat whose specialty is foot archery, clowns as well as a mime artist. For those who enjoy some fitness then Zumba sessions will be in as well as painting seminars, African drumming and dancers. It is also the best place to try out some of the best street food Ireland has to offer.

Burren Perfumery, Clare

This is another free place to visit in Ireland and is probably one of the most affordable family activities to do. Visitors can take a walk through the terrain of Burren. The Burren Perfumery is on the way, and as a visitor, you can view a film on the history of the town. The perfumery is also still functional which means visitors can watch some soap making, visit blending rooms and distillations. The herb garden is also on the way and visitors can enjoy some food in the tea rooms.