Blarney Castle – The Gift of The Gab Awaits

Image result for Blarney CastleHistory in Ireland can be traced back centuries. Each area holds its own secrets and each has its own quirks and charm. Wherever your travels take you within the country, you will never be short of sights to see. The Irish people are the most wonderful nation, friendly, open and always willing to share their traditions and stories. The country is filled with a natural beauty that will astonish you at first sight but look a little deeper and what you will find will be nothing short of spectacular. While the cities may be modernising, there is always a hint of the old Irish charm to see.

Blarney Castle and the Stone Within

The castle itself was built more than 600 years ago by Cormac MacCarthy. The castle has since been a landmark in the country. The castle is home to the world famous Blarney Stone. The Stone is believed to hold powers like no other. One kiss of the Stone and words will never fail you. The legend of the Stone is that it is the Stone of Eloquence. Blarney Castle and the Stone are true Irish treasures. The promise of the gift of the gab is not the only attraction, the castle itself is something quite spectacular and the gardens surrounding it magical.

The Castle And Surrounding Treasures

The castle itself takes on many faces. While some may say it has a warlike appearance, others simply describe it as magical. Rock Close will take you by surprise. This perfect blend of nature and man-made features will leave you in awe. A fairy or elf-like nook that is really quite romantic. Take a leisurely stroll through the gardens that span more than 60 acres. Take in the serenity and keep your eyes peeled for the poison garden. The Stable Yard Cafe is the last port of call once your day of exploration is complete.