Casino Slot Machines and Finding Ireland

Image result for Slot Machines and Finding IrelandThe casino and gambling industry in Ireland holds one of the most interesting positions in the world, for its slow revolution into a developed industry for the country. Due to the level of regulation in the country, and outdated laws, casino gambling is considered illegal. Due to this, however, many grey areas have seen other methods being used to introduce casino games, which are now found on sites like, and slot machines into the landscape, as they do not fully fall under what is considered gambling. Their independence to casino arenas have seen slot machines slowly being installed across many cities in Ireland, and them being seen as user-friendly by the Irish government.

Ireland’s Relationship with Casinos and Gambling

The Gaming and Lotteries Act of 1965 in Ireland originally prohibited the use of casino slot machines and other various gaming facilities, with the intention of limiting gambling in the country. Due to an appeal made in later years, this prohibition was later lifted and instead directed at casino establishments. As a result, Ireland has had many cities see the installation of casino slot machines, especially around the 2000’s with many obtaining the necessary gaming license to have one of these. Many Irish people enjoy sports bets but have in recent years directed their attention to games like Bingo, Poker and the lotteries.

Cities to Visit and their Casinos

The major city of Dublin naturally holds the record for the city with the most slot machines, as well a few legal casino gaming facilities which fall in line with necessary regulation. Favoured casino games include slots firstly, Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat amongst others. To operate with these legally, the requirements are that there be memberships acquired and age requirements met. There are only 12 casino-clubs across Ireland, with 7 in Dublin, and the rest in Cork, Limerick, Sligo, and Galway.