Deer Park Hotel, Wedding Day Royal Treatment Awaits

Related imageA wedding is the day that should be a memorable one, and for all the right reasons. Finding a facility to cater for your requirements and take the stress out of planning and putting together the event is not an easy task. For anybody living in the Dublin area or those wanting to experience their special day in the land of the leprechauns, Deer Park Hotel is just the place for you. While the venue itself is magnificent, it is surpassed only by the gorgeous views that surround you. Sharp cliffs and endless coastline are the perfect backdrops for any occasion.

Wedding Day Bliss

The mere fact that the hotel is located only 20 minutes from the airport is a bonus. The shuttle service provides your guests with easy access to the facility without hassle or fuss. The bride and her party are pampered at the SPA before retiring to the bridal suite to get ready for the big event. The decorations adorning the hall or outdoor area are perfectly catered for, your every whim met. Your guests are treated like royalty and the food served nothing short of decadent. Once the day is dusted, bride and groom retire to the bridal suite to enjoy some personal time while the guests mingle and enjoy what’s left of the day.

The Honeymoon

While locals may choose to venture to other parts of the world, those who have travelled to be in Ireland will want nothing more than to take in what the country has to offer and they won’t be disappointed. Quiet walks along paths cut out of the cliffs or romantic strolls along a seemingly endless coastline are the most special ways to connect with your new spouse. Explore the nightlife as man and wife or take some time to learn about the traditions that make Ireland so unique. Visit the castles in the region and unearth cobblestone pathways from centuries gone by.