Dublin By Rain – An Experience Like No Other

Image result for Dublin By RainRainy weather in Ireland takes place on a regular basis and sitting always at home is simply not an option. Dublin is draped in history and culture and has birthed many a poet. Novel, films and music of epic proportions have had their roots in Dublin. When the sun is shining, there is no place better on Earth. The natives are used to the rain and are quite content to indulge in a pint of beer and a packet of crisps while sharing some humour that falls on the rather dark side. While many cities fall into slumber when it rains, Dublin is quite different. An entirely new world awaits when rain begins to fall.

Things to Brighten A Rainy Day

A cuppa is always a wonderful way to warm the soul. Indulge in the warmth of a steamy coffee at Accents. Grab a comfortable seat and relax, read or simply watch the bustle of passing traffic. Take a stroll through Marsh’s Library. Explore the first public library in the city, founded in 1707. Enter the Selfie Gallery, dress up as a literary character and start snapping. Gutter Bookshop is the next port of call. The independent store offers a unique experience and different from bookshop chains. Looking for something out of the ordinary? The staff will be glad to assist you in finding your treasure.

And The Rain Still Comes Down

Teeling’s Whiskey Distillery is a lesser known distillery in Dublin and is the first new one of its kind in more than 125 years. “Water of the Soul” as whiskey is translated to an Irish native language is what Teeling’s has to offer. Learn about how whiskey is made and taste the finished products. Dawson Street holds a hidden treasure of magnitude. The smallest pub in Dublin goes almost unnoticed. Dawson’s Lounge has a capacity for not more than 26 patrons, however, the atmosphere is unmatched by any pub in the city.