Going Underwater: All The Best Sports To Go Snorkelling in Wexford

Image result for Snorkelling in WexfordAlthough Ireland is quite well known for its incredible scenic beauty and luscious greens of nature, one thing that many tourists may find hard to believe is that there are also some awesome places to go snorkeling. One of the best places to visit for such an expedition is Wexford. Hook Head, which is located at the heart of Wexford’s snorkeling culture boasts two rare snorkeling spots. With one located on the natural arch and the other set against the backdrop of the oldest lighthouse in the world, the snorkeling experience is bound to be a worthy one.

The Hook Head Experience

Apart from its undeniable natural beauty, Hood Head is also critically acclaimed by the reviews of many divers who deem it to be one of the best places to dive while in Ireland. There is enough water space to create a memorable boat diving experience. However, the area is also well known for shore dives, where divers can have access to clear blue waters as well as a profusion of sea creatures. If you only have time to visit one spot in Hood Head then its best to focus on the area just adjacently located to the lighthouse. As beautiful as this particular spot is, it is also a rather famous tourist spot so don’t expect any seclusion. Here you will experience an underwater experience filled with beauty and depth.

Diving into Solomon’s Hole

Another place to go snorkeling in Wexford county is Solomon’s Hole. This spot can be reached from Hook Head Lighthouse on foot as well as by driving. If walking and experiencing nature directly is more of your scene then this scenic path to Solomon’s Hole is worth a look. Solomon’s Hole is located just underneath the arch. The hole is a small naturally made pool of water.