Kilkenny Castle Rises From The Ashes

Image result for Kilkenny CastleWhile many may look upon Ireland fondly as the home of the full-flavoured Guinness or for its vibrant night life and wildly patriotic sporting fans, that is not all that meets the eye. Ireland is a place filled with historical charm. Their culture and history buried beneath the cobble stone pathways and reverberating through the rolling, green pastures speaks of a nation with pride and a rich heritage that screams a million words about the people who inhabit the country. Take a closer look and experience what true Irish charm and mystery have to unearth, you may be pleasantly surprised.

A Brief History of Kilkenny Castle

Built is 1195 by William Marshal who was the Earl of Pembroke. The castle is over eight centuries in age. This was a period when the medieval Norman’s were prevalent in the area and the castle is a result of that architecture. Situated next to the River Nore, the square structure with its four giant pillars and the moat like ditch surrounding it created a primary form of defence for the town of Kilkenny. For 600 years the castle lay in the hands of the Butler family, the paternal grandmother of now famous Anne Boleyn being one of them.

The Caste As It Is Now

In 1935, the Butler family experience hardship and sold the castle contents, however, the castle itself stood empty for close on thirty years, deteriorating. In 1967 a meagre 50 pounds saw the castle ownership shift to that of the 6th Marquess of Ormonde, Arthur. He was adamant that the castle was the pride of Kilkenny and deserved more than the deterioration it was undergoing. Since 1969 restoration, excavation and refurbishment of the castle has taken place. Today the castle presents vast parklands and ornately decorated gardens to the public. The Kilkenny Castle has become an Irish treasure that is one of the most visited by tourists in the country.