Dublin By Bicycle – An Unknown World Is Unfolding

Cycling around Dublin is an experience that is phenomenal. Cycling is a flourishing activity in the city centre with many forgoing their four-wheeled, motorised vehicles for the quieter life. Dublin by bicycle gives you an entirely different approach to the city and will more than likely change your perspective. You […]

Dublin By Rain – An Experience Like No Other

Rainy weather in Ireland takes place on a regular basis and sitting always at home is simply not an option. Dublin is draped in history and culture and has birthed many a poet. Novel, films and music of epic proportions have had their roots in Dublin. When the sun is […]

The Company That Believes It Knows Exactly What Tourists Want

When it comes to exploring Ireland, visitors will without a doubt have a number of transportation options to get them from one place to the next. One transportation company is the CIE who believe that they know exactly what tourists want to do when they visit Ireland. Knowing Transportation The […]

Beers That Excite and Entice The Irish Way

Beer drinking can be traced back thousands of years. The beer has been and still is brewed worldwide, each with its own flavour. Ger Leddin, a journalist, article writer, and self-confessed beer lover has explored the wonders of what Irish beer holds and shares his views on what must not […]

Casino Slot Machines and Finding Ireland

The casino and gambling industry in Ireland holds one of the most interesting positions in the world, for its slow revolution into a developed industry for the country. Due to the level of regulation in the country, and outdated laws, casino gambling is considered illegal. Due to this, however, many […]

Hotels in Ireland with Casino Rooms

The interest in hotels in Ireland with casino rooms came about due to its stance on the casino and gambling industry. This is mainly because casino establishments in Ireland are considered illegal when taken into consideration the Gaming and Lotteries Act of 1956 which makes no provision for casino establishments. […]

Ireland and its Hotel Casino Rooms

The casino gambling and gaming dynamic in Ireland is quite different from the rest of the world in the sense that it is still a developing industry for the Irish. The strict regulations and outdated laws meant that up until recently not a lot of gambling was happening in the […]

County Mayo, Best Things To Do At The Edge Of The World

Located on the west coast of Ireland, County Mayo is quite literally located on the edge of the world and offers some of the most awe-inducing panoramic views Ireland has to offer. The scenery is diverse and moves from lush and green to nearly dry and desiccate. In all its […]

All The Cheapest Spots To Try In Ireland Saving Your Extra Change

Travelling is definitely not cheap, it costs money, sometimes a whole lot of it. However, not everything that is fun and interesting to do while travelling has to cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, some of the most delightful places to visit are small little gems that […]

Going Underwater: All The Best Sports To Go Snorkelling in Wexford

Although Ireland is quite well known for its incredible scenic beauty and luscious greens of nature, one thing that many tourists may find hard to believe is that there are also some awesome places to go snorkeling. One of the best places to visit for such an expedition is Wexford. […]