The Company That Believes It Knows Exactly What Tourists Want

When it comes to exploring Ireland, visitors will without a doubt have a number of transportation options to get them from one place to the next. One transportation company is the CIE who believe that they know exactly what tourists want to do when they visit Ireland.

Knowing Transportation

The CIE (Córas Iompair Éireann) is the national transport provider of Ireland. The company has been around for years and in recent time have been operating at a loss. However, the CIE coach tours department seem to have found their niche within the North American market. With North Americans being identified as the biggest spenders, and such they have become the main focus for the CIE’s coach tours. The CIE’s tours can go for around £134 per individual for a small tour of four days in Ireland.

Image result for abbey theatre dublinAll The Right Places

One of Ireland’s biggest tourists attraction is the Abbey Theatre, this magnificent space attracts many tourists especially around the summer periods. Space has also become somewhat of a North American tourist phenomenon, this could be owed to its historical relevance and cultural heritage. This makes it one of the CIE’s main stop during their coach tours. The tour starts off in Dublin headed towards the Shannon area. Here, tourists have the opportunity to spot ancient medieval castles.

The Full Package

Besides making sure their coach tours are tourist friendly, one of the things CIE ensures is that their coach drivers be the friendliest site the tourists will see. Being a CIE coach driver requires friendliness as well as smarts. The drivers know exactly which sites will excite tourists and ensure the coach heads in that direction. With one of the drivers stating that the forever luscious countryside of Ireland seems to be the most popular destination amongst tourists and people who consider themselves a bit more cultured.