The Irish Mountains May Be In Danger

Image result for The Irish Mountains May Be In DangerCuilcagh, the popular walking spot for Irish locals and tourists alike. Although the mountain is ranked at just number 165 of mountains to visit in Ireland, it is still a place where exceptional pan aroma sites can be viewed and experienced. However, the rising number of walkers is starting to threaten the very structural integrity of the mountains. One of the early solutions to this issue was the installation of a wooden staircase and a boardwalk back in 2015. The hope was that this would stable things, however, this solution only lasted until 2017. The mountain became somewhat of a tourist attraction when a video of the boardwalk went viral on Youtube.

Unwanted Attention

The aftermath of this video led to a large number of walkers and lovers of natural scenic views flooded the boardwalk which was constructed on the Fermanagh’s side of the mountain. The parking lots to various mountain entry points were also flooded with cars filled with passengers headed to try the “stairway to heaven”. The causal effect of the rise in walkers led to the inevitable creak of the infrastructure. The footfall resulted in significant erosion between Fermanagh’s boardwalk and the Cuilcagh’s pinnacle.

The Unstable Ecosystem

In order to try and alleviate some of the hassle and stress of the parking issue, a local landowner opened about 50 parking places at a cost. This action seemed to relieve some of the traffic pressures. As part of further control measures, signs were erected around various points of entry for walkers to try to stay clear from the boardwalk. This was an attempt to try and protect the fragile ecosystem. As is the norm with any rule, some walkers chose to not follow the signs and proceeded beyond the boardwalk. This proving that it is hard to balance the design of infrastructure without any ripple outcomes.