The Waterford Castle Hotel & Golf Resort

Image result for Waterford Castle HotelThe grand Waterford Castle is one of Ireland’s finest establishments with a rich history to go with it. Having been home to the Fitzgerald family for 800 years, the castle’s finery and original structures were built by them and later shared with the community in the area, while also allowing eligible businessmen to take part in the Islands development. The luxury of the Hotel and Country were built by an Eddie Kearns who preserved as much of its history possible, and then later, a Seamus Walsh bought it in 2015 with the idea to further refurbish old structures and maintain the legacy.

Holiday at the Waterford Castle

At the Waterford Castle, you can choose to have your lodging either inside the Castle rooms which are catered to a classic room, deluxe rooms, deluxe suites and presidential suites. The lodges are also similarly classified with a choice between classic and modern interiors and also catering for couples, families or your lone traveller looking to have a serene retreat at the island. For the families, the Island runs a kids group for the children to take part in while mom and dad take part in the romantic escapades offered to adults. The Castle also offers package options for one to build their holiday around.

What You Can Expect at the Castle

One can expect many activities to when visiting the Castle. The 48 Lodges and Golf Club are characterized by patrons of the sport and luxury lovers. It has a membership offering for those interested in the Island’s sport of choice which comes with a Club House serving meals all week. The establishment also offers bookings of its fine halls for couples wishing to marry with wedding packages to suit your needs. The beauty of the Castle is that it caters for all seasons. You can also choose your lodging from modern to historical depending on the experience you would like to have.